Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pick me up, Fall!

Hello there! Miss me? Sorry, Ive been in a little bit of lockmyselfinaroom depression, but things seem to be looking up :) Thanks to an amazing support group of friends and family, life is carrying on.

Zac is doing well. We have a doctors appt next week and we are excited to hear good progress reports. He has taken himself off all narcotics, which has been good. Narcotic husband was kind of like drunk husband. Lots of slurring of speech, falling asleep in mid sentence and you all know the ever present weird urine oddities. But clean husband, after some with drawls, is really looking good. Of course I don't want him in pain or freaking out and cutting off any casts, but I think we are definitely moving forward.

School is actually quite difficult and I'm feeling swamped by Spanish. Aside from a rather enjoyable Colombian spitfire of a teacher, dancing around and commanding "En Espanol, por favor!". I will be AMAZED if I can retain the things I'm supposed to. I've already tried lots of things out on the guys working in the kitchen at Bandanas. But surprisingly none of them are interested in my "Red Note Book and Yellow Pencils". They are however trying to teach me more useful things that I dare not try in front of class :)

Biology is okaaayy. But I'm not even kidding when I tell you about the kid that sits next to me and EATS his boogers. I AM in college right?! He wears like all these keg party shirts and stuff. And I'm thinking, you are NOT cool enough to go to that party. Do THEY know you eat your mucus secretions!? Seriously, I had to move away.

The boys are great. Moses is hilarious and keeps me highly entertained every day with his incessant rock eating and use of new words and sounds. Magnus may as well be 15 with a side of 3 year old crying every hour or so. I love them sooooo much and I think we totally loving rockin a family of Fore.

The house is coming right along! I have actually moved TONS of stuff over and it looks great. I can totally see us enjoying the Winter cozied up in our own little humble abode. Ahhh....

Alright, well, not too informative of a post, but it does feel good to be back. Wallowing in your own self pity in fun for no one. And as I have to remind myself of EVERY day, my life is A-MAZ-ING compared to others, even in my own circles. Thank you all for being a part of it. Lets talk real soon :)

Much Love,

Onnalee <3


  1. Hang in there Onnalee. Keep at the Spanish and you will start picking things up more and more. Make sure you use it though, that is how you will really learn it. My sign language teach is deaf, so I have had immersion from day one and I am surprised each week how much more I remember and how much less I have to ask her to repeat or explain.

  2. My Spanish teacher for one semester HATED me. After 6 years of French, I couldn't do it. So if I wasn't sure, I'd take the french word and try to change it, bc most of them are so damn close anyway. Oops. Love you, love your fam!! Do NOT love booger eaters. Omg. Thats the 4th time I've gagged now...that word....ewwwww