Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mom, Mom, She's the Bomb

    So on January 6th, some odd years ago, one Tina Marie Brady was born. I am honored today and for the last 29 years to call her mom.  Moms are a funny thing. They give cause to every human emotion known to man. Im not sure that I have ever been more mad ( in my teens) at someone, more grateful for someone, and more inspired by the same person.

    It takes so long, sometimes over 20 years, to truly realize and appreciate what a mother is. Becoming one has changed me in all the ways my mom told me about. Not being able to ride scary rides for some reason, being a certified worry wart, having my heart grow 3 times as big in one day (grinch that stole  Christmas style), and becoming so close and aware of God as you literally bring to life a child.

   My mom has been my rock, make that a boulder, or..whats bigger than a boulder? Anyway, a steady amazing mom, dad, friend, confidant, and inspiration in my life. She has been a single parent to 3 girls for the majority of her role as mother. And she has done that better than a large percentage of  two parent households I know. I can't tell you the obstacles and emotions and life curves that this woman has not only overcome but straight up shined her way through.

   One of the main reasons I would want a girl of my own is to have a relationship with her like that of me and my mom. I can at this very moment recall so many memories of looking up to her as a child. I used to watch her separate her mascara with the end of a safety pin. I can smell her Lancome perfume that she has always worn. I loved hearing the click of her heals on our tile floor. Summers of peeling burnt skin off of her freckled shoulders.. I always thought she was so pretty. Now, with a few lines of life on her face, (very few ) I find her more beautiful than ever.

   Things that she would probably not appreciate about herself, I have inherited. Hands of a worker, a dimple on the top of my thigh just like hers, a catch in my hip.. All of these things I hold dear because I am her. We have all gone through a time in our lives vowing to not become our mother. I got over that a long time ago and now I embrace every tiny thing that connects me to her. Im not sure why I haven't inherited the fact that she is a size 4 but Im still holding out hope..

   I know that many don't have the privilege of a good mother or lost theirs too soon. I hold onto this everyday. I don't have any regrets in our relationship but there are probably a couple arguments and teen stand offs that I would take back. Our time here on earth is so short! Im honored to get to spend time with the family I have and eternity with them there after.

   So happy birthday Mom! Thank You for everything that I will never be able to repay you for. Anything good that others may see in my own life, I attribute to you and your example. I only hope that I can hold a candle to the amazing woman and mother you are!

   Now everyone go hug your mom, give her a call, or give her a little smile in heaven.