Friday, July 22, 2011

Cuttin the Apron Strings, kinda :)

So, Zac and I have taken the plunge and decided to go on our FIRST weekend away together since the kids have been born. Zac has left them many a time for hunting and fishing trips. I on the other hand have never left these kids for even an overnight (insert heart attack). I know that sounds crazy but other than lack of sleep, I never really think about it. My husband however is threatening desertion if I don't comply. So we are off, to our first full night of uninterrupted sleep in 3 years.

We are heading to Nashville. It should be great. We are going to relax, see shows and EAT. I will NOT be posting ab pictures after this vacation. Because if I get to sit down to meals all weekend without kids, mommas gonna chow down!

So now starts my OCD planning. I have already started writing the "note" that I will leave the multiple caretakers, including both sets of grandparents and aunts/uncles. I have completely dumped out all the kids drawers and am in the process of putting labels on them for ease of getting dressed. Preparing meals perhaps? Lining up possible medicines, diapers, wipes, pajamas, lotions, numbers, snacks, bags, shoes. Should I prepare a will? Oh dear, I hope I don't die... great, now my list of instructions has gotten waaaay longer. It shall now include my opinions on dating and college preferences.

Can I include how many kisses and hugs I seem appropriate? I mean, I give an unreasonable amounts of smooches. I'm going to try my best to call as little as possible. But I can see my hubby having to guard my cell phone :) I did mention in the list how often THEY could call me..

I'm just going to miss them so much! I mean, the screaming and holding and snacking and punching. What about the cute way Magnus tells me to kick myself in my own face? Maybe Zac will offer up a few profanities so I don't forget my sweet 3 year old :) But the snuggle, the snuggle and the rare but amazing moments when I get an " I love you mom" ahh.. Is it weird I'm dripping tears into this keyboard?

But does my hubby EVER deserve a weekend away! This man gets up early in the morning with the kiddos, works hard all day long then I pass them off the second he walks in the door every night so I can go cut hair, work or go to school. And aside from the frequent request for this little get away. He does not complain! What a great hubster! Funny, how you can think of all the things you wish your husband was and forget about the amazing things he already is. (I love you 7)

And to clear up any misgivings, we will not be planning on returning from this trip with a 3rd child in tow. I would be crying, no sobbing over this computer for a whole other set of reasons :)

Much love
Onnalee <3

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm hot and there's a stingray in the hallway..

Day 3 of trying to stay inside while the weather is like the surface of the sun. I have allowed the boys to swim in the baby pool in the back yard between the hours of 8-10 am, then we gotta move it on in because its bordering 100 degrees. The only down side to that is by 10 am today we had already gone swimming, napped, boys haircuts while eating popsicles and played blocks. Now what!?

As far as the gym and my rockin abs go, I have done horrible this week with any sort of working out. The heat is my excuse. Yes, my gym is air conditioned but I'm wiped out by the time I get there, no joke! And the thought of getting sweet Moses out in this weather in full footie pajamas (eczema) is completely insane. So, I post this picture.. Its what my stomach did look like. I'm already way ahead of the game and I seriously appreciate it. God does amazing things to our bodies. Who am I to argue with a couple of stretch marks? :)

I feel we did pretty good with indoor entertainment for the next few hours. But then I felt compelled to clean. I mean 3 days inside. This house looks like it exploded and threw up all in one. Each time I turn around there is another toy, mess, toilet paper, food product or piece of unfolded clothing on the floor. Like in seconds. I mean the boys are apparently having a blast but I"m feeling mildly crazy. So we kept it to one room. And Magnus' bedroom looks awesome. Even vacuumed it :)

Before we can even think about nap I have to find the pacifiers. (Btw we are hoping to take Magnus' away when he turns 3, 2 years and six months after our first attempt.) Any one have any advice on this?! I pull our bed from the wall and find 2 pacis, 1 poptart, a monkey, a sock, a bottle, chap stick and a roll of tape. I don't even have to go to Target anymore!

And as I tucked them both in to bed for nap I look around and see all the other trails of our morning. 6 pairs of shoes at least, swimtrunks, freeze pop wrappers, hairy t shirts (from haircuts) and a stingray, in the hallway. (He must have been lookin for the monkey.) But I think Ill leave him there. He's rather cute.

Its just so funny how things change in an instant when you have kids. I'm not even scared when my toes brush up against a foreign object or food item in my bed. And I only smile and walk by random aquatic creatures in my hallway. I'm 100% sure that someday in the not too distant future, I will miss this mess.

Much love,

Onnalee <3

Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh Boy..

Funny, growing up it was always girls and more girls. My mother did an amazing job of raising three girls by her lonesome. So, as a result I was sure I was going to have girls and I was excited about it. Being a nanny to 2 little girls solidified that. Both times, I was sure I was preggo with my little princess. But alas, both times I detected, before the nurse even told me, the distinct marking of a baby boy on that fuzzy black and white screen.

I remember almost crying both times as I longed for some pink and ruffles. As a matter of fact I am totally guilty of buying outlandish bday gifts for girls because its my only chance!

All this to say. I'm not really sure now, at this point in my life, what I would do with a girl. I have gotten far too accustomed to the frequent outside or bottle urinations. Far to used to not even spending 3 seconds on styling hair. Can girls scale buildings in a single bound like my own two orangutans? I have no idea. Are they capable of wrestling with a 200 lb daddy for hours of nonstop giggling fun? Will they be okay with being 92.7% covered in something sticky, every hour of every day?

If they fall and I tell them to rub some dirt on it, will they cry? Can Zac continue with his 3 year streak of not matching a single pair of pajamas, color or character? I think not on this one..

All I know is I am officially and wonderfully a BOY mom. I love these dirty, biting, punching, jumping, yelling, sticky little balls of testosterone more and more each day. And I actually look forward to teenage years of my sons as opposed to the fear that strikes my heart to think about a girl who may repay me for my own shenanigans. Oy.

So, to the people who keep asking if we are going to try for a girl. Eh...

I'm good being the Queen of this castle for now :)

Much love <3


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cave woman Belly!!!!

So on my flatter, better belly quest I've realized that I need to cover lots more bases than just crunches every second I get a chance. So here on some great sites and ideas for getting started.

1) Cavewomen belly! I've learned a little about this from my mother. But I have really enjoyed reading up on it and trying to fully understand more.

Basically the theory is "Fight or Flight". Way back when, (caveman days) when a woman was stressed, it often times stemmed from being able to feed her family and herself or worries about NOT being able to.

Her body would kick into survival mode. Conserving and hanging on to body/belly fat in order to sustain herself and survive. Our bodies are God made to do just that. For most of us, we are not worried about when our next meal will come. We are more concerned with finances, love, school, kids and other everyday woman pressures. Our bodies don't care about where the stress comes from. They just think STRESS = LOCKDOWN. Belly, you're here to stay. I know I feel as if I am more stressed than I have ever been over our eczema issues. And in turn I also feel I can quite get these last 10 lbs off. Who knows? It could all be tied together. Or it could be my love of dessert. Um like my new sopapilla cheesecake! You must try this!

So, for some of us it can become a vicious cycle of stressing over being overweight and in turn hindering our own weight loss.
There are lots of other bothersome factors with excess belly fat including risks for certain cancers. This article is a great one explaining the caveman theory.

Another "start" that I will of course add to my routine will be some belly busting foods. We'll see how this works out. Let me know if you have heard any other good dietary pros. Ill be using a couple of these food ideas.

Now as far as the physical aspect. Last night I broke out the Bender Ball. I bought it off an infomercial before I knew I was preggo with the MoseyBear. It was good. I feel like it has some good to offer over a big exercise ball. Hubs took a picture in my pajama work out mode. While watching Harry Potter :) I think Ill stick with the B.B this week for the rest of our Harry Potter marathon then move on to something different. Because my Lindsey Brin workout video says to change it up or you wont get any results!

Geeze.. what ever happened to my great ab routine in high school of sitting up to get another bite of ice cream in bed?

See a soon!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My real mom quest for ABS! This should be good.

Belly Shots. Not the kind you remember from college :) But my visual and blogging account of my quest for a better post baby belly. Im starting from scratch here. I will be trying all sorts of techniques I find from Magazines, websites and your suggestions? There is no time limit and no set goal necessarily. Just thought it would be fun. I feel like a lot of moms are about in the same position as me. And if you are, I would love to hear from you! How about you post some belly pics? We could do this together!!? Alright well, here it is. Im baring it like some famous person posting butt x-rays or cellulite photos. NO MEAN COMMENTS. Ill delete you :)

Follow my blog and encourage me to stick with this will ya? If at any point my stomach actually starts to look worse, we are going to have to re-evaluate lol.

Here we go. Im off to do crunches :)

<3 Onnalee

Octopus hot dogs (that really look more like spiders)

In a fun attempt to get Magnus to try noodles we made a fun dinner. Magnus got to help out and that was the most fun. He ate a lot of uncooked spaghetti noodles so that has to count for something :) Very fun dinner for kids. We tried to make it educational by counting the octo legs. Lots of fun!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun creek date with Daddy

So I went into work on Saturday and they didn't need me. I went home, scrambled the family in the car and took out for Castlewood Creek. Our new fav spot to beat the heat. We played and splashed and explored as a family. Magnus said" Is this a date?" Yes, buddy, a family date. Zac and I took a picture together and looked so refreshed. Just goes to show what a good night out with the ones you love will do for you :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Butter Making

A fun lil way to spend the morning. Living farm style making our own butter :) Such an easy learning project and yummy too!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Okay, round two!

Alright after years of ignoring this blog I feel the need to get back on it! Im going to be a little behind on pictures until we get our computer uo and running in the new house. Speaking of, The HOUSE, The HOUSE!!!! We are getting so much done. Tiling the kitchen starts tomorrow. The boys room is painted and so is the new purple bathroom. Yeah!!!! I cant wait to move back. My hubs is working so hard.
Im working at bandanas about 3 nights a week. I am enrolled in classes at Meremac in Kirkwood. Im really enjoying it. Im about to up my course load to 12 hours in August. Yikes!
Zac is working overtime at work which is great. Job security ;) Magnus is enrolled in two days of preschool amd will be 3 in one month! Moses is busy being one and terrorizing the house. His skin is still pretty bad. We sooo appreciate all your prayers.
Well, Im super excited to start this back up. And will hope to get pictures up real soon.