Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The longest 2 weeks of my life, so far :)

Well, Its been 13 weeks since my husband broke his leg. Oh wait, what? Just 3 weeks!?? *&%$ BBLLLEEEEEEEEEP !!!^%$* I mean, Oh it seem like its been a little longer..ahem.. He is doing as well as can be expected. He is supposed to keep his foot elevated above his heart 24 hours a day. You do what you can. Surgery was loooong and they did 12 screws and a big plate. We went back today for a new cast given my husband had a panic attack last night and box cut his own cast off! Soooo many things wrong with that I'm glad I slept through it. On top of all this while waiting to see if my husband survived surgery last Monday (dramatic I know) I lose my NookColor. I have a horrible suspicion that someone stole it. Come on! Can a girl get a break. Since then I have realized I may have left my 300 dollar haircutting shears in Nashville. Someone is cutting hair with great scissors and booking their appts on my Nook! GGGRRRRR!

One nice little thing was celebrating our son Magnus' 3rd birthday! What a sweet boy.. We held his birthday at a creek and had ice cream, what fun! You know whats even more fun than that? Getting a TICKET on the way to your sons birthday party. With your husbands broken leg up in the window and kids yelling in the back. Super. Top this off with the fact that this child keeps telling me he's going to die for Jesus, I might lose my mind..I sure do love that boy :)

After trying to play interference with Zac's leg and the kids I decided to take a trip to Arkansas. Because what sounds better than 6 hours in the car with your kids by yourself? And we're off! I honestly never knew kids really asked "Are we there yet?" But indeed, Magnus has that phrase down. And Im pretty sure Moses was saying that too although I couldnt tell over his shrill screams and sounds of him throwing his paci and snuggle into places completly out of my reach.

Arkansas was wonderful and time with a good friend is priceless in its healing qualities but alas, we had to return, because I had work that night and school on Monday. Wahoooo!!

Today was especially stressful with Zacs new cast, no sleep last night, and an ongoing all out telephone brawl between me and Laclede Gas. Needless to say by lunch I was already exhausted. So, Im unloading diapers, gallons of milk and etc. into the house. I set Moses in the door and continue on. I come in and look down. He is splashing, drinking and playing in a huge hospital urinal of my husbands PEE!! OH. MY. WORD. I could barely contain the jumping and screaming, but they were the only things keeping the vomit down! What in the world is going on here!? I had to google a bunch of inspirational quotes to keep me going. Oy.

What a couple of weeks to say the very least. Funny thing is, didn't this all start out with our little mini-vacation? Didn't you all promise me everything would be great? Im never leaving my children again :)

Honestly I can't complain beyond the funnies. In reality, my life is peaches compared to others. I have a wonderful husband although one legged. And great kids, although one is a self predicted future martyr and the other has a morbid fascination with urine and urine receptacles. Ah..the stories I will tell their wives. Muhahahha.

Much Love,

Onnalee <3

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  1. Seriously, your tales are more entertaining than the Dunphees. ;-)