Friday, September 16, 2011

TGIF and by that I do, indeed mean thank GOD its Friday..

I really have soooo much to be thankful for. Starting with the fact its Friday. Because after 10 o'clock tonight my weekend starts. With my new schedule I am not home one single night Mon-Fri but Sat and Sun are mine!! Muhahahaha...

I am thankful for Sams club. I am thankful that the wine bottle Moses threw did not shatter like the piggy bank he threw at Borders. I am thankful for his birdlike legs he inherited from him father. For they became unstuck from the bottom shelf of the shopping cart, (like underneath were I could hardly reach him), rather nicely. I'm thankful for the Sams worker that helped me dislodge him while Moses beat me in the face with a cheese stick.

Although it stinks that my hubs is in a cast, I am thankful for Valium (for him). And wondering if I should try it myself :) Pros of having one good leg, I only have to do sock laundry half as much! I follow his trail of single dirty socks all around the house. I don't know if we will ever have a matching pair again.

I am loathing Spanish class. 4 hours is just too long. I got my first test down. And by down you can assume I mean "down in flames.. "I mean, I'm sure there are Spanish miracles, but I can imagine God's got bigger things on His plate. And if He doesn't I can make a list :)

It is rather entertaining to watch a love connection going on in the 2 seats beside me. Passing notes, flirting. Matter of fact I got a little caught up in myself walking to class the other night. Conversation in my head: "Well, hello there guys. I know, I know, I'm looking half way decent today. I see you looking. Good thing my hubs got me this big ol rock I can discreetly put up to my cheek. Wait, whats that? Oh I see. That's just a little ketchup from my sons corn dog. Okay, but..I'm still hot right?..." Come on! Cant a mom get a glance without it being from some stain or foreign object stuck to me? Oh well :)

My husband thinks I'm sexy. Yep, he just wrote me on facebook. I got an alert to one of my pictures. This message came to my phone:" I think this is what Heaven looks like!" HOT DOG! Drop ingredients for lasagna I'm making, run to computer to see just what picture my husband finds so darn angelic. WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!??? He has commented on a MEAT LOCKER picture that we took in Las Vegas. Ahhh....He thinks Heaven looks like meat. Whoa is me :)

Well, I guess the only way to get any action around here is to pull a Lady Gaga and wear my meat dress, maybe put a little ketchup on it :)

Again, LOTS to be thankful for. Great family, amazing kids, LOVE my husband, and this Beautiful Fall weather. Thank God for today, and everyday!

Mucho Lovo, (why am I flunking Spanish?)


  1. I just spit Dr. Pepper reading "all while Moses beat me in the face with a cheese stick." Your life cracks me up. I love your silly moments. I know it feels like a lot, but you guys are the sweetest.

  2. LOLOLOL!! You are so hilarious, sister!! I can't tell you how much I love reading these posts! It really does help me to keep up with you guys. Sorry I don't call as much as I should, but I know we're both busy. Anyway, I LOVE YOU! I hope you're doing awesome. Big hugs! Aunt K.