Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall brings lots of Changes!

Work on the house has started. They are carting loads of concrete out of the basement today!!! Wooohooo!!! Getting closer everyday!

I got my first test back from Biology class. Now mind you, I am very good in this class. Good notes, listening, perfect labs, etc.. Onnalee Fore: test grade C. What!? Totally burst my bubble. Too bad I already used 2 teary phone calls to great friends on my way to school lol. (thank you girls by the way) Most delinquents at my table were just happy they passed, even with a low grade. But I have a certain GPA to keep up for admittance in to the medical program. Speaking of my lab partners,these women are too much. One has ALWAYS had 1 hour of sleep and has to complain about it the whole time. And they all 3 just goof off and talk silly the WHOLE time! I'm sorry I don't want to answer you in baby talk when you hand me my slide. SHUT UP please.

Last night things escalated. One of them sells sex toys. Yep, her mom is proud. So she proceeded to list the catalog and all 3 of them discussed the products, the usage and the results. Oh MY WORD! I admittedly laughed at a couple of things but was astounded at the rest of the conversation. NEVER have I wanted to burn my ears off more.

Zac gets his cast off this coming Tuesday! He still cant walk on it but at least he wont be jamming random household products down his cast to itch and prod at his leg. He just informed me he wants an electric dart board for his birthday. I feel like that translates into a new bathroom vanity for the basement. But I could be wrong :)

The boys are doing great. We went to a Halloween store yesterday. What fun! Not only did Moses pull off every trick or treat bag from the wall but he also tried to steal many a bottle of fake blood. Let me mention Moses' special talent. He can poop in ANY public environment. And he will, no matter what. We can wait all morning and play at home. Then go to a store,dr.appt, bank, school, playgroup, elevator, anywhere, and he is ON it. I just find that crazy and it leads to a lot of back of the car diaper changes :)

So for this week we are just enjoying the fall weather and each other. Good thing I don't have to take tests on kids or motherhood :)


p.s. Did I mention my new AB workout? It's sneezing over 100 times a day! Who even new I had these allergies!?

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