Tuesday, December 17, 2013

And for my next trick..Thongs!

     Well, HELLO there!! I know, I know its been a looong time. I started getting lots of requests from my adoring fans to start writing up again. I have been putting if off for months. But recently, owls have been pouring letters through our mail slots and chimney. I figure I better get cracking before a large, bearded man on a flying motorcycle shows at my house. ( If you dont get this reference, Im not sure we are friends. Muggle.)

    Its not possible to update you about the last 2 years of my life with out writing a book. So simply put, school, work, pregnancy, baby, insanity. There, that about does it :)

   As I sit here thinking about the start of yet another new year, I try to think how I can improve and better myself as a person. Thinking back on the last 24 hours alone, I have a laundry list of things I can start working on. Laundry being first on the list ironically.

   I suppose that improving myself as a mother and wife is the most important to me because thats where I am. If I were working or in school, I would include those things. But lets face it, bettering myself as a Burger server 3 days a week just isn't top priority.

   I get a lot of compliments from sweet people  (who must not know me that well) for various projects, and some aspects of my parenting that make me feel so good! If you are some one who has brightened my day with one of these compliments, you probably helped me make it through at least another 4 hours of my life. So, thank you!

   But truth be told, I think I might be a horrible parent. As far as loving my children, I couldn't POSSIBLY love them more. I couldn't. But as far as keeping them clean, fed, well behaved, and not out of therapy when they are older, I just don't know! Every Christmas season I am sure that I am going to some how change their minds about presents and they are going to want to go caroling, bake cookies, and donate all their gifts to charity. I envision us all sitting by the fireplace reading some old tattered copy of The Night Before Christmas snuggling until bedtime. But alas, every night my children scream cry for whatever new toy they have circled in the catalog that they HAVE to have. They wrestle like they don't have limb control 23 hours a day. There are at least two people( including me)  crying at all times, and we don't even have a fireplace!

   I really try not to get too stressed about the Christmas season because that is so obviously not the point. But somehow between church and charity, school and family, I have developed my eye twitch! Wasn't that just reserved for my last year of finals involving memorizing anatomy and medical terminology? Last night I found myself staying up until 1:30 in the morning baking Christmas cookies for the school play, doing emergency laundry, making goody bags for teacher's presents, and organizing my tupperware cabinet. Now that would make it sound like I am some sort of accomplished house wife. Let me tell you the whole story...

   I cut the cookies from some preformed roll from Aldis with a decoration stamped in the middle. I took tupperware in the shower with me so I could bath and do dishes at the same time. Don't judge. I did laundry, yes. But this only resulted in me wearing two pairs of lacy underwear in the sleeves of my sweater today that not so discreetly showed themselves while I was handing out said teachers gifts at school today. I was like one of those magicians that pull scarves, but instead I was pulling size medium gillian O'malley thongs! Sorry kids, this won't be the last time I embarrass you with underwear at school!

   Hospital bills stamped " Fourth and Final Notice" pour in, ( good I was tired of getting them anyway), stacks of Christmas cards to stamp and mail get bigger, the fish just died and everyone is crying and saying how he was their best friend (really?), the dishes and laundry piles are in some serious competition for who can get tallest, and these kids just keep saying my name! Holy Moly!! Wouldn't it be fun if at the stroke of midnight on the last day of December everything was wiped clean?  What about just the toilets and surrounding areas? Would that be so much? Ah well..

  For now, I will continue to pin all the ways to be awesome parent on pinterest. Ill continue to try and convince my kids that Christmas is more about baby Jesus and love, than Skylanders and that Bow and Arrow set. And most importantly I will enjoy being the best, not so perfect parent I can be, to the best, not so perfect boys that I can. Because another year will be here SO fast and some day I will be desperate for some one to yell mommy 87 times a minute and I will only have Zac to pee on my floor. Here is to another good, crazy year! Merry Christmas Every one!