Friday, July 31, 2009


Remember when geting ready for the pool was just tying on your string bikini, slathering on baby oil and running out the door? I mean, you didnt have to dry shave in the morning of pluck very rogue hairs or rub coffee grains on your thighs to improve cellulite (read that in a magazine).

Your swimsuit was just a piece of shiny material wadded up in your drawer instead of the 9 piece parka with wires, skirt, tummy panel, and bionic breast pads.

The reason I am remembering these days in my quest to get to the pool today. I am hairy and not going to do anything about. I have gone through 3 swimsuits this morning already. One is a tankini with a skirt that i normally wear but i would love to get some sun. One is old and slighty less covered but shows the severe difference in my boob size and hangs on my getting flatter everyday butt. The other i currently have the top on. Is by far the smallest suit i own and is giving me quite the complex dispite was my adorable husband says.

So I am sitting at the computer stretching the bottoms from my toes up to my knee. So when i have it on it doesnt bulge my stomach like a chocolate muffin. Im attempting to keep my almost done nursing boobs in the tied halter top because every time I bend over the right one comes out to say hi (note, i will have to watch this picking up Magnus at the pool). While I am performing this circus act a German girl comes to my door( rings doorbell twice) and tries to sell me kids books as Reese barks in the background. I cant even get ahold of my self and Im STILL not wearing bottom under my shirt.

Needless to say I told her about Usborne books and told her to have a nice day :) kinda...

Well, Im off to perform amazing feets at Toddler time


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Day Another Dollar :)

So today I was up and done cleaning a house by 9:00. Thats 90 dollars before Im normally out of bed. I figure if I could do that a couple times a week... Thanks goodness for a sweet hubby to take care of Mags this morning while I cleaned. He said any time I wanna make 90 bucks before he has to be at work is fine by him :)

So, alas I am off to perform this so called cleaning on my own home while Mags cries out naptime in his bed :( Silly boy..

Good day

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lets give this Blog thing a

Okay so I am just trying out this whole blog thing. It should be good to keep family updated and I hope to use it on my photography website sometime :)

Im currently still looking for a job of some sort..booo I would much rather stay at home and be a domestic goddess of this humble abode. But, for now. I will serve the man..hehe

Magnus is doing well as he approaches the big first birthday..AHHH!!!! Im going to have a one year old! The cutest one year old I know by the way. THe birthday party should be rediculous and I know he wont remember it and blah blah blah. And for some reason instead of working on it, Im starting a blog. I think Im beginning to see why I am sitting on a pile of laundry. Oh time managment how you haunt me so..

Alright alright i gotta go do something else non productive!

Until next time :)