Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tis the season!

I'm back!!! Or should I say my semester is over so Ill be blogging for a couple weeks on break. I admit I must be suffering from" Blog Fog ". But I simply can't stand the fan mail piling up all over my house. It reminds me of Harry Potter getting his acceptance letter, minus the owls :) So, alas I will fill you in in my quirky life!
Long story short, the cars in our life have cost us over 3,000 dollars this last month. My phone died. Water continues to leak into our basement while I write, after spending 6,000 on that a few short months ago. Things seem a little rough right here before Christmas. Although on a plus side, some anonymous giver left us a hefty Target girt card the other day. We will give our kids the gift of continuing to feed and diaper them until Christmas at the very least :)
I am done with Spanish and Biology. I was getting tired of arguing evolution and conjugating verbos anyway.. Moving on to fun stuff like Medical ethics! Bring on 13 hours next semester! Please pray for my marriage lol. Can a girl get any luckier than having my peg leg hubby!?
Which reminds me. A man came into bandanas to ask me on a date! Awkward! The ONE day I left my wedding ring at home..I did tell him it was flattering at the very least. He seemed a little put off by my misrepresentation of no bling bling. And Im like, Would YOU want this big Ol rock falling in your pulled pork? I think not :)
So after an extremely stressful and expensive month I decided to go get a massage last night with an about to expire groupon. I go to pay AFTER my massage and she tells me its already been used last April! After asking if they would take a Target gift card, I proceeded to pay the 74 dollars (plus tip) and cry my eyes out the whole way home. Given the fact that I don't even let Zac get a 99 cent ice T and here I went and accidentally pampered myself!
I am soo excited for Christmas however. This year we are just REALLY embracing the traditions and Jesus. Not so much the gifts. I mean I have a brand new pair of shiny Wheel bearings and two hydraulic engine mounts to show off anyway!!
We are LOVING being back in our own home. I spend way too much time walking around naked for the reason of, I can. And Zac well, he loves the new house for that reason alone :) The boys have found LOTS more things to make messes with and more high and random objects to jump from. What more can we ask for?
Talk to you soon!