Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Urgent Care.. better get used to it.

Doctors visits, school work, Bandanas BBQ, eczema, moving back home... The list that causes my daily panic attacks lol. Its really not that bad dissecting it piece by piece. But some days when it all runs into one another, I could WIG OUT! Good thing this weekend was awesome. We had a fun time with family at the Grape Festival in St.James. Then we took Magnus to his school carnival. Face painting, games, rides, snowcones.. He kept repeating "This is the best day of my life". Talk about melt your heart.

But then, ol Monday had to roll around. Bring on 3 hours of Biology lecture and a 40 dollar copay at an orthopedics visit. The highlight of that trip was Magnus telling the doctor he did not care about him, "at all" :) I am really getting tired of walking into medical facilities with 2 hurt family members. Me looking like the crazo who beats them. At the Urgent Care, the doctor looked Magnus over and commented on his scab on his chin. I thought, "Dude, if you turn me in for some sort of child abuse, I will blow this place up." I kept that in :)

Moving home is going great. We have hired someone to install the sump pump in the basement and rough in a bathroom. That should speed things up. And whats a little more debt in the long run, right? Good thing I'm planning a garage sale. That should take care of like 1/640 of that bill :) Ill post some pictures soon of the house progress.

Off to study!

Much Love,

Onnalee <3

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  1. Oh poor Magnus! And his poor Mama! Hang in there, Onnalee. With everything you've been through lately, life is bound to slow down a little for you! xoxo