Friday, July 22, 2011

Cuttin the Apron Strings, kinda :)

So, Zac and I have taken the plunge and decided to go on our FIRST weekend away together since the kids have been born. Zac has left them many a time for hunting and fishing trips. I on the other hand have never left these kids for even an overnight (insert heart attack). I know that sounds crazy but other than lack of sleep, I never really think about it. My husband however is threatening desertion if I don't comply. So we are off, to our first full night of uninterrupted sleep in 3 years.

We are heading to Nashville. It should be great. We are going to relax, see shows and EAT. I will NOT be posting ab pictures after this vacation. Because if I get to sit down to meals all weekend without kids, mommas gonna chow down!

So now starts my OCD planning. I have already started writing the "note" that I will leave the multiple caretakers, including both sets of grandparents and aunts/uncles. I have completely dumped out all the kids drawers and am in the process of putting labels on them for ease of getting dressed. Preparing meals perhaps? Lining up possible medicines, diapers, wipes, pajamas, lotions, numbers, snacks, bags, shoes. Should I prepare a will? Oh dear, I hope I don't die... great, now my list of instructions has gotten waaaay longer. It shall now include my opinions on dating and college preferences.

Can I include how many kisses and hugs I seem appropriate? I mean, I give an unreasonable amounts of smooches. I'm going to try my best to call as little as possible. But I can see my hubby having to guard my cell phone :) I did mention in the list how often THEY could call me..

I'm just going to miss them so much! I mean, the screaming and holding and snacking and punching. What about the cute way Magnus tells me to kick myself in my own face? Maybe Zac will offer up a few profanities so I don't forget my sweet 3 year old :) But the snuggle, the snuggle and the rare but amazing moments when I get an " I love you mom" ahh.. Is it weird I'm dripping tears into this keyboard?

But does my hubby EVER deserve a weekend away! This man gets up early in the morning with the kiddos, works hard all day long then I pass them off the second he walks in the door every night so I can go cut hair, work or go to school. And aside from the frequent request for this little get away. He does not complain! What a great hubster! Funny, how you can think of all the things you wish your husband was and forget about the amazing things he already is. (I love you 7)

And to clear up any misgivings, we will not be planning on returning from this trip with a 3rd child in tow. I would be crying, no sobbing over this computer for a whole other set of reasons :)

Much love
Onnalee <3

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  1. So happy for you guys! You BOTH deserve this vacation sooo much. Don't worry about the college part of the note, Auntie Amy will be sure to have them enrolled at the University of Kansas. ;-) love you! HAVE FUN!