Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cave woman Belly!!!!

So on my flatter, better belly quest I've realized that I need to cover lots more bases than just crunches every second I get a chance. So here on some great sites and ideas for getting started.

1) Cavewomen belly! I've learned a little about this from my mother. But I have really enjoyed reading up on it and trying to fully understand more.

Basically the theory is "Fight or Flight". Way back when, (caveman days) when a woman was stressed, it often times stemmed from being able to feed her family and herself or worries about NOT being able to.

Her body would kick into survival mode. Conserving and hanging on to body/belly fat in order to sustain herself and survive. Our bodies are God made to do just that. For most of us, we are not worried about when our next meal will come. We are more concerned with finances, love, school, kids and other everyday woman pressures. Our bodies don't care about where the stress comes from. They just think STRESS = LOCKDOWN. Belly, you're here to stay. I know I feel as if I am more stressed than I have ever been over our eczema issues. And in turn I also feel I can quite get these last 10 lbs off. Who knows? It could all be tied together. Or it could be my love of dessert. Um like my new sopapilla cheesecake! You must try this!

So, for some of us it can become a vicious cycle of stressing over being overweight and in turn hindering our own weight loss.
There are lots of other bothersome factors with excess belly fat including risks for certain cancers. This article is a great one explaining the caveman theory.

Another "start" that I will of course add to my routine will be some belly busting foods. We'll see how this works out. Let me know if you have heard any other good dietary pros. Ill be using a couple of these food ideas.

Now as far as the physical aspect. Last night I broke out the Bender Ball. I bought it off an infomercial before I knew I was preggo with the MoseyBear. It was good. I feel like it has some good to offer over a big exercise ball. Hubs took a picture in my pajama work out mode. While watching Harry Potter :) I think Ill stick with the B.B this week for the rest of our Harry Potter marathon then move on to something different. Because my Lindsey Brin workout video says to change it up or you wont get any results!

Geeze.. what ever happened to my great ab routine in high school of sitting up to get another bite of ice cream in bed?

See a soon!

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  1. Good luck! Don't take it personal but I am not looking at that recipe.... Pretty sure it doesn't fit in with out healthy eating plan. Lol. And major props to you for daring to post pics of your belly on the net!