Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm hot and there's a stingray in the hallway..

Day 3 of trying to stay inside while the weather is like the surface of the sun. I have allowed the boys to swim in the baby pool in the back yard between the hours of 8-10 am, then we gotta move it on in because its bordering 100 degrees. The only down side to that is by 10 am today we had already gone swimming, napped, boys haircuts while eating popsicles and played blocks. Now what!?

As far as the gym and my rockin abs go, I have done horrible this week with any sort of working out. The heat is my excuse. Yes, my gym is air conditioned but I'm wiped out by the time I get there, no joke! And the thought of getting sweet Moses out in this weather in full footie pajamas (eczema) is completely insane. So, I post this picture.. Its what my stomach did look like. I'm already way ahead of the game and I seriously appreciate it. God does amazing things to our bodies. Who am I to argue with a couple of stretch marks? :)

I feel we did pretty good with indoor entertainment for the next few hours. But then I felt compelled to clean. I mean 3 days inside. This house looks like it exploded and threw up all in one. Each time I turn around there is another toy, mess, toilet paper, food product or piece of unfolded clothing on the floor. Like in seconds. I mean the boys are apparently having a blast but I"m feeling mildly crazy. So we kept it to one room. And Magnus' bedroom looks awesome. Even vacuumed it :)

Before we can even think about nap I have to find the pacifiers. (Btw we are hoping to take Magnus' away when he turns 3, 2 years and six months after our first attempt.) Any one have any advice on this?! I pull our bed from the wall and find 2 pacis, 1 poptart, a monkey, a sock, a bottle, chap stick and a roll of tape. I don't even have to go to Target anymore!

And as I tucked them both in to bed for nap I look around and see all the other trails of our morning. 6 pairs of shoes at least, swimtrunks, freeze pop wrappers, hairy t shirts (from haircuts) and a stingray, in the hallway. (He must have been lookin for the monkey.) But I think Ill leave him there. He's rather cute.

Its just so funny how things change in an instant when you have kids. I'm not even scared when my toes brush up against a foreign object or food item in my bed. And I only smile and walk by random aquatic creatures in my hallway. I'm 100% sure that someday in the not too distant future, I will miss this mess.

Much love,

Onnalee <3

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