Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Lovin

So I have really been trying to take in this last week before our mommy and daddy vacation. Spending lots of quality time with the boys and trying to well, you know, not yell at them.

It's going rather well. I had to do a TON of errands and running around today and they were serious troopers. And all it cost me was a lunch at Sonic and a clearance Iron Man Repulser Blaster for $1.47. I win.

First up was picking out shoes for our Daddy. We normally try and stay on a very reasonable shoe budget. But his feet are killing him standing all day at work and well, we think he deserves the best. Right Boys?! So we picked some awesome ones with lime green. Much to Magnus' excitement. After the boys tried on about 11 pairs of right foot mens shoes. We left DSW just the way we found it :) he he.. ( I figure we paid a pretty penny for the shoes, they can spend a couple minutes of match the random shoes to the boxes)

Target for contact retrieval, pay car payments, deposit moolah, grub at Sonic and try to survive the car wash with Magnus yelling "when are the squids coming?", Moses screaming in fear while I sing "It's raining its pouring". Good thing that only lasts 2 minutes. Zac informed me he was mortified of the car wash when he was younger..Moses is his daddy's boy.

A nice lunch with dad and then some seriously fun mommy and boys playtime. Magnus was tickling my back, then he stopped and looked at me and said, "I used to have have to save up for my games, now I don't. This is MUCH cheaper" Which is a direct quote for a gaming infomercial. I seriously could have died laughing. He is sooo cute. And Moses can now get out a phrase that sounds pretty darn close to I love you. Needless to say I will be hanging on all this sweet stuff while we are away this weekend.

Oh, yeah. Did I mention we leave in like TWO days! Sooo excited! I'm trying really hard to contain my anxiety of leaving the munchkins. Aside from trying to set up video chat on my phone, packing clothes that smell like them, and installing the nanny cam in the teddy bear, I feel like I'm doing a really good job.

On to BIGGER things. Have I mentioned that my Ab quest if failing miserably? Yeah, PF changs free lettuce wraps, Twice. Movies with popcorn, Twice. Baking with all my fresh Zucchini aaaand chocolate chips. Pair that all with lots of staying inside to beat the heat equals epic fail. But like they say, tomorrow is another day! Good thing I don't have to pick up any guys on this vacation. Got me a hottie who loves my belly anywho..

Much Love,

Onnalee <3


  1. Hope you both have fun! :) Very entertaining posts, O!

  2. that picture of Mags had me giggling already, and then getting to him quoting the commercial just sent me in to a laughing fit. Love you! Love your boys!

  3. your boys look soooo much alike! Also, the heat is killing my exercise too. i was just getting a good walking plan (have to ease back into running after my feet issues) and then heat, horrible heat, haven't been outside in too long. Hope the heat stops soon, i actually miss my walks. Have a blast on your vacation.