Thursday, August 4, 2011

Today is the day I vomit, I mean leave on vacation!

So, yes. Today we leave on our "Mommy and Daddy Weekend". I've done every ones laundry and changed bed sheets, Stocked the house on food and diapers as if we were leaving for a month, Wrote a 6 page list of instructions and drew a diagram of the kid's clothing dresser labeling the contents.

Next on the list, finish my quest for a vacation only bikini to get my tan on. I asked the boys to accompany me to Target in promise of a "Mommy will miss you present". It worked. I got a good 15 minutes in the dressing room trying on strings that resembled a swimsuit when put together properly.

I asked for Magnus' approval of the first which he replied, "You look naked". Perfect. Swimsuit, Check.

While trying to assemble the strings in their proper places Magnus informed me he had to go potty. I am seriously still 3-4 minutes from getting this suit put together and he is looking worried. As he starts the well known potty shiver I rush to the diaper bag, dump the cheezits, and allow him to urinate in my snack cup. Yes, then I replaced the lid and put it in the cart only to have Moses attempt to open it at least four times throughout the trip. My biggest concern was forgetting it in the cart and leaving it for some other unsuspecting mother. Remind me to write tupperware to thank them for indeed, having a waterproof seal :)

So I am armed with a string bikini and a snack cup full of pee. Add a Starbucks Venti Chai Tea Latte and things couldn't get better..

Well, I'm on to packing, cleaning, organizing and trying to control my involuntary nervous IBS this trip has brought on. I guess that will only aid in how I look in my bikini right? TMI? I think not :)

Thanks for reading! Please pray for a safe trip, healthy children and a peacefully at ease momma.

Much Love


  1. This made me almost spit out my lunch from laughing so hard, I can't wait to experience the joys of motherhood... hang in there, you are going to have a great vacation!

  2. I love you SO MUCH! I also am literally laughing out loud. NOW GO HAVE ALONE TIME WITH YOUR HUSBAND!!!