Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A whole lotta LOVE

Now, wait. Didn't I say I was going to have more time to blog on break? NOT! Ah well, I have been enjoying the family time of the little wild men. And I mean wild. Magnus has turned from whatever 3 year old we knew to a jumping, yelling, Tasmanian, who only talks to us to tell us we are "MEAN". If I have to hear that word again, I might go insane. Which, coincidentally may be happening as I have developed an eye twitch. Yep, a real crazy, eye twitch. I have a theory other than the relentlessness of my daily life. I hit my head on a window frame while coming up from looking for a shoe under the bed. Hard. Think the "bend and snap", from legally blond. I seriously crumpled to a pile of tears on my bed. I still have a huge sore spot. So, I am positive in my amateur diagnosis, that I have nerve damage due to window trauma. Either way, I'm stuck for now with my crazy cat lady (in my case dog) eye twitch.

What do you do when you have a barking dog that you threaten to run over on a daily basis? You get another one! I, while at PetCo replacing our dear fallen beta fish (Yadier Molina Snowy), met the world cutest, most CALM, puppy. A wiener dog just like ours. I promise she or Jesus spoke to me. She is a rescue dog from a mill and I feel it is our duty to save her little life :) And her name is Vanna, I can not help it. Zac, is positive I hit my head harder than we thought. I will keep you informed on her future.

The boys have been doing their best to destroy our clean smelling house on a daily basis. But we will not be shaken! 2 nights ago I am cleaning up the kitchen and Zac yells for me. He is trying to explain mystery poop from the front of Magnus leg. No one knows how it got there, but they are afraid. He goes to the bathroom in the toilet and all is well. Then I hear loud gagging (think calling dinosaurs). I run in and Zac has found more poop on a bath cup and a towel. What in the world?! We recovered. Fast forward. Last night Moses pooped out of his clothes. I take his stuff off and line him up at the bathroom door to wait for a bath because Daddy is in there #onebathroomstinks. Moses proceeds to tell me he pottied on the floor "I potty, I potty" So I am searching for the puddle and Magnus comes flying around the corner and slips in a huge pile of potty. I run to him and Moses runs to us and Zac basically finds us all lying in a huge pile of potty on the floor.

School is about to start and I am not even close to completing my list of pinterest projects! But I have been enjoying the amazing weather. Jesus must know I suffer from seasonal depression and he's helping me enjoy a couple more weeks. I have some resolutions that Ill share soon. One being to dance with my kids every morning. So, I'm off to go move it move it, and shake it shake it!

P.s.. In the short amount of time it took me to write this little diddy. Moses has dumped and eaten raw oatmeal, cleaned the toilet (however he did use the right spray), and squirted half my grapefruit dish soap on a cookie sheet. It does however smell remarkably less like pee in here though..hmm..

Much Love
Onnalee** twitch twitch**


  1. another fantastically hilarious blog. FORE the win!

  2. You make me smile ;). I can just hear your voice saying all of this! Love keeping up with your sweet family this way. And knowin I am not the only one in an interesting world of "where's the pee?"