Friday, January 27, 2012

Love grows best..

Alright, I went to the Chiropractor and had some work done. My twitch is doing much better. She thinks its related to stress. That, and my wart. The body does funny things when you are under stress (including storing belly fat, I win). To this fact my husband says "What do you have to be stressed about?" **insert testicle punch here** But he's actually right. For whatever reason I'm not getting too worked up over things lately. In a 24 hour period yesterday Moses ate chalk, toothpaste and gum. I shattered a huge jar of honey then we went to the store for more honey and Magnus shattered a huge jar of elderberry juice. I have the purple sock to prove it. Moses dumped and redumped coffee on the table and fed a pineapple chunk to our fish (Yadier Molina Snowy the 2nd). And I was all like, "Isn't life great? Can we adopt a baby, Zac?" I wonder if my sweet husband isn't slipping me an upper in my V8 splash..

I don't know, I just feel so completely happy right now. Could it be our teeny tiny house that we appreciate more than ever now that we are moved back in? Love grows best in little houses. Is it the fact we have never had LESS money? God is showing us wonderful things through our being poor. Is it Zac being proud of me for school, and me being so thankful for all his support? I don't know but every day he gets a liiiiittle sexier :) Oh, maybe he's slipping me ruffies..

I didn't make any real resolutions this year but it seems others have given me some hints. One girl at work in casual conversation said "Now come on Onnalee, you were young once too!" Excuse me! I am young. I mean, take away the Chrysler Pacifica, my big diaper bag, Dr Scholls inserts, and my chronic back problems and you have a hot young momma lol. 2012 Act younger, Check. Next, A guy at work was guessing people's weight (danger danger). But he had guessed three peoples correctly so I thought why not? He guessed I weighed 185 POUNDS! Now there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with being 185 pounds. But not when you are 160! I'm already self conscious as it is..2012 lose weight, Check. I came in from school the other day wet from the rain carrying my huge bag of books. The weight of my textbooks has broken the straps so I just carry it "like a trash bag" so says Zac. He looked at me kinda pitifully and asked that I step it up a little. We can afford a new backpack. Little does he know this bag lady will be scouring goodwill for one tomorrow. 2012 Step up my appearance, Check.

That's all the change I can try and squeeze in for now. Anatomy class if filling up any other useful space in my already crowded head. I hope this semester flies by super fast. There is so much to learn. All these body parts and cell slides to memorize. How in the world am I supposed to keep up with my continuous reading of the Twilight Saga? No, I'm doing okay on that. Although Ive lost count of how many times Ive actually read it. Its more like a continuous cycle now. I'm sure there is a term for this kind of problem, Edwarditis? hehehe..

Until next time!

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