Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

My camera isn't loading so wordless Wed. out, wordy Wed. in!

I cant wait until my boys are 11 and 13 and I can tell them all sorts of things. Things like how they used to hang on me like little leeches. Like how I couldn't even go to the bathroom without them beating on the door and sitting on my lap and pulling on my clothes.. By then I assume I'll be too embarrassing for them and Ill need to remember these times.

Like how they broke everything. Just this week we lost our second glass ikea lamp. Add that to our blown glass bottle stopper from Italy, our couches, numerous other pre-children trinkets we have acquired and they have pretty much wiped out all possessions from before their birth.

Not to mention the havoc they expend on stores we visit. Just the other day at Kohls, Moses threw down like 18 pairs of shoes in 37 seconds. That had to be some sort of a record. I gave him a cheese stick and strapped him in the cart, while I spent the next 6 minutes bent over assembling them back together. Unfortunately I had some way to low cut jeans on. I felt very plummer-esque. Sorry sweet people of Kohls. I don't think your ready for this jelly.

Going to school is getting harder because its already dark before I get there. That includes a lot of running through the parking lot pretending I have mace in my hand and wishing I hadn't worn pants that made me look so darn good. **same jeans from above story :) **

By the time I get to class without being raped, I'm already tired. And 3 or more hours of lecture tops it off. Hopefully next semester I can manage a few more day classes.. And of course I couldn't be a college student with out thinking of changing my major. Doesn't Labor and Delivery Nurse sound so fun?! Oh well, I'm a ways away from that decision.

For now we will keep plugging towards moving home, Zac walking and the World Series!!! Go Cardinals!

Much Love,


  1. i love M&M! and i'm in a school funk. haaaaaaaaaaating it. you're superwoman and all kinds of tough. and you can totally kick some bootay in the parking lot if you were forced to throw down. you need to start asking how to say "i will kill you" in Spanish and other helpful phrases ;-)

  2. Dont do it! I work mother/baby and frequently help in labor and delivery and do not find it exciting or fun.. Too many what ifs and the first time i saw my friend jump on a woman to help push because the shoulders were stuck and then almost have to rush her to a csection 3 minutes later.... No mam, unless you like that kind of stress on a daily basis! I love mother /baby and will never leave this field as i plan to do lactation nursing in the next coming yrs... Now that is fun and exciting. :). But you will never hear me saying that i will crosstrain over into labor..