Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tidbits of information..

Hola! So today due to lack of actual story telling capabilities I shall share small "mind post -its" I have kept track of this last week. Here we go!

Some from school:

I had no idea you could "sag" in skinny jeans. Oh yes, you and can and you should not.

There is a girl in my Spanish class. She is the skinniest thing on earth. I am not kidding. Like stare at her make me want to throw up the water I just drank for fear of calorie content skinny. I spend a good part of my four hour Spanish class staring at her various bones..

I spend the other half of my four hour Spanish class thinking about Mexican food. These kind of cancel each other out.

Some one in my biology class stinks very badly. Its hard for me not to blame booger eater, but I keep it contained.

On kids:

Being potty trained is a trick on mothers. Because why would we assume our FULLY potty trained 3 year old would start to urinate on various furniture and toys?

How do you ever really know if you want or are ready for more kids? I wish God would send a postcard in the mail, maybe with a stork picture or something. Dear Fores, You are supposed to have about 3.4 kids. Keep up the good naming. Much Love, Big G.

When Moses was scream crying itching in the car the other day, Magnus folded his hands and closed his eyes. "Dear Jesus, please help my brudders eczema. Amen" **insert tears here**

On me:

I am making a real effort to broaden my horizons and make friends and all in all be a nicer, more sociable person. Its not really working. Yet.

I haven't smoked in years. But when I see someone at school smoking I want to jump on them, steal their cigarette and run away laughing. Every day I don't, I feel accomplished.

I believe that I am destined to be 160 pounds for the rest of my life. Not really, but that's where I'm at and I'm trying to deal with that. Me and my Mexican food :)

On marriage:

Zac is making strides (on crutches) but strides none the less. The day he can walk I am leaving him and the kids for a week. This is not true, but I may go get a massage or something..

Husbands, if you want to turn on your wives. Come home from work ON.TIME. Just once, or heaven forbid early. Seriously skip the flowers. We will consider this foreplay.

The house:

We are sooo close to moving home. We have a sump pump and a roughed in bathroom downstairs. Bring on our lovegrowsbestinlittlehouses HOME!

But who will get our kids chocolate milk and cartoons at like 5:30 in the morning if we don't live with my in-laws? hmmm...

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  1. I love you beautiful,hysterical, non smoking, Mexican food loving, awesome baby naming, amazing wife! See that? Your whole blog in a sentence. Perfect!!

  2. I to would love the whole postcard from God thing.. I keep checking for one that says "I know its hard for you every time you hear someone else is pregnant, but your time will come, your plans to wait are exactly what I want for you. When your time comes I will make sure everything is lined up perfectly." or "I appreciate the gesture but go ahead and end the waiting, I will rain down miracles so it all works out perfectly. Be a Mom already!" I believe that us waiting till C is done with school and we have a place to live is what God wants, but that doesn't mean it isn't torture sometimes.

    I applaud the no smoking. I haven't smoked for about 6 years now and I still want to steal cigarettes from people in my ASL class who all sit right outside the building door and smoke at break. Especially if I had a bad day. And I hear you about he whole weight thing, I can't seem to lose anymore...

    Hang in there... Zac will heal, your house will finish and God will continue blessing your life!